As of today, the lane guidance feature has become available in Apple CarPlay. This feature was already present in the Waze app, but it took some longer to get it approved for the in-car navigation solution. You don’t need to do anything to activate this feature.

Apple CarPlay allows you to access Waze from your dashboard and pairs the app with your car. With lane guidance added, the CarPlay version of the app now also has most of the functions of the regular app. Some features are missing, but this is due to restrictions placed on the platform by Apple.

As a reminder: this lane information needs to be entered manually by the map editor volunteers. As such, it is very likely you will come across intersections where this information is still missing. All motorways will have this information set. Most major roads should have received this information as well.

UPDATE (December 2020): Android Auto has received a complete make-over and now also shows the lane guidance information. This brings Android Auto in line with Apple CarPlay. In the coming months, Android Auto will officially become available in Belgium. At the moment, only mobile devices with Android 10 or more installed are able to use Android Auto without the separate Android Auto app.

Photo showing Android Auto showing lane guidance