Due to unforeseen circumstances, Waze announced that the daily map updates are put on hold for about a month. This means that the editing community will be unable to push changes to the app. We are also unable to resolve all issues reported by users due to this. We can still close off roads in real-time and update shop information, as these use a different system.

So if you notice a small decrease in map quality in the coming weeks and things not getting fixed, now you know the probable cause. Once we have more information, we will add it in this news post.

How do the Waze map updates work?

Unlike most other navigation systems, Waze updates the map practically every day. Whenever you plan a route, the app will immediately download the latest version of the map near your route for you. These updates are a snapshot of what the map maintained by the online pokies community looked like at some point in time. This means a map update first needs to process the changes made to the map before they become available. This also means the community is still able to adjust the map while all of its is going on, but the changes won’t become visible. The community has the Waze Map Updates tool to monitor these map updates, which is available for everybody.

Who creates these changes to the map?

The Waze volunteers maintain Waze’s map. Most countries have their own group of people who update the map in their free time. The trigger for a map change can come from personal experience while driving, newsletters, social media, reports from users of the app, and all kinds of other sources. The volunteers of Belgium and Luxembourg maintain the website you are reading now.