Waze Voice Packs

Waze supports three types of voices for navigation instructions, which we will explain here. There are prerecorded, text-to-speech and custom voice packs. This page assumes you already know how you can change the voice in Waze. If you do not yet know how this works, please check the Waze Help pages for more information.

Prerecorded Waze Voices

Waze has many prerecorded voices available. Common examples for Belgium include Amy (US English), Thomas (Flemish) and Morgan (French). These voices were recorded in a studio and contain fixed texts for the most common navigation instructions. Due to this, these voices are unable to pronounce any street names. If the voice encounters an instruction it doesn’t know, it falls back on the last-used text-to-speech voice. This means that some instructions, such as trajectory control or railroad crossings, could be in a different language than your configured voice. The solution to this problem, is first configuring a text-to-speech voice in your language and then going back to your previous prerecorded voice.

Waze sometimes provides temporary prerecorded voices during holidays or as part of an advertisement campaign. These voices are only available for a limited time and will no longer be available when the campaign ends. While we’re not certain about the legal status of this, some of these voices are available as a custom voice.

Text-to-speech Voices

For most languages, Waze also provides a text-to-speech voice. Common examples for Belgium include Sarah (US English), Jasmien (Flemish), Femke (Dutch) and Vanessa (French). As the name implies, these voices can transform any text to audio. Waze labels these voices as “supports street names”, because that is their main capability.

Custom Voices

Waze has a custom voice recorder built-in that allows you to create your own voice pack. This function allows you to share your voice with others and use the voices shared by other people. Several celebrities have jumped on this opportunity to share their voice. Most of these voice packages can be found online. To make it easier for you, we’ve made a list of (almost) all available voices. You can find more information on how to use the Voice recorder in the Waze Help center.

Download popular Waze Voice Packs

We’ve made an extensive list of custom Waze Voice Packs available. From your favourite actor, to the funniest comedians out there. You can find the list below.

English-speaking Voice Packs

Dutch-speaking Voice Packs

French-speaking Voice Packs

We try to keep this list as complete and up to date as possible. It’s always possible that we missed a voice pack, but we’ll gladly look it up for you. Get in contact with the Waze Community, so we can help with your request.

Troubleshooting voices

Another voice is used for certain instructions

If you happen to hear another voice for specific instructions, you are probably using a prerecorded voice. When such a voice doesn’t have a prerecorded message for an instruction (usually because the instruction was added later on, like average speed checks and railway crossings), Waze uses the most recently configured text-to-speech voice (like Sarah, Jasmien, Femke or Vanessa). Sadly enough, it is impossible to prevent this for prerecorded voices. If the fallback voice is in another language, it suffices to configure one of the text-to-speech voices in your language and then reconfigure the previous voice. That should cause the unknown instructions to be expressed in that voice.

Voice cut out halfway an instruction

It sometimes happens that a voice is not properly loaded or gets corrupted on your device. In that case, the voice can stop halfway an instruction and this will not repair itself. To solve this, you’ll need to reload the voice. This can be done by searching for the following “destination” in the app: ##@cctts. You should get a message that says that the “TTS-cache” has been emptied, after which the app will download the voice again.