Up until a while ago, there was little use in enabling the fuel prices feature in Luxembourg as all gas stations had the exact same prices listed. All gas stations closely followed the maximum prices set by the government, except for maybe one or two cents. This has slowly changed and now there are actual price differences as gas station owners go under these maximum prices in order to compete against each other.

It is for this reason that Waze has enabled the reporting of fuel prices in Luxembourg! Waze users can report new prices by using the orange button in the app when they are nearby (~500 metres) a gas station and these prices are shown whenever you search for nearby gas stations. Please do keep in mind that we depend on the input of users for this feature to display the right information. This feature should however help Wazers in Luxembourg to find the best prices nearby and gives another way of gaining points within the app.
See Waze Help for more information on how to report gas prices.

We’re also checking a list of gas stations we’ve obtained from the websites of the biggest brands active in Luxembourg to make sure we’ve got all gas stations available in the app. Should you see any station missing, feel free to reach out to us on social media or via our contact form.