Are you thinking about rocking out at Rock Werchter this year? Waze is ready for it!

To ease your trip, we have listed a couple of tips & tricks below.
To try and get to the festival as smoothly as possible,
it would be best to choose one of the destinations below.

If you coming by car and want to park at one of the festival parkings, use one of the following links:
Rock Werchter Zone A (Haacht side)

Rock Werchter Zone B (Rotselaar side)
Rock Werchter Zone C (Werchter side)

From that point onwards stewards will lead you towards the correct parking spot.

If you want to use the Park & Bike parkings, use one of the following links:
Park & Bike Zone A

Park & Bike Zone B

Park & Bike Zone C
You can safely leave your car behind here and use your own bicycle to ride towards the festival.

Finally it is also possible to get dropped off/picked up. Use one of the following links:
Kiss & Ride Zone A

Kiss & Ride Zone B
Kiss & Ride Zone C

Watch out! Always follow the directions displayed on the dynamic displays. These may differ from the destination visible in the Waze app.

Have fun!