Dear Waze editor,

The BENELUX Meetup will take place on  7th November, 2015 in Liège Belgium at the  Ramada hotel :  Map for acces

If you would like to participate in this event, please complete this form with your personal information before 13.10.15
Waze will cover the cost of the event, your transportation to the venue, stay at a hotel if needed and your food expenses for the day of the event. The event venue and lodging are still to be decided.
With official delegation of Waze coming over from Israel!

Time schedule:
Morning program: (Waze champs only!! Lv4+)
09:00 Discussion with Waze staff

Afternoon program: (Official program for everyone)
12:30 Welcome
13:00 Presentation Waze staff
14:00 Q&A
15:15 Coffee break
15:30 Workshops
17:30 Final discussion & closing
18:30 Group photo & goodbye

If you have any discussion subjects, or questions. Let us know, send us an email, or post it here below on the forum.